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Varieties Laden With Built-in Protection of PhytoGen Breeding Traits™

INDIANAPOLIS, Dec. 13, 2019 — PhytoGen announces two new cottonseed varieties, PhytoGen® brand PHY 400 W3FE and PHY 500 W3FE, will be available in 2020. These two varieties enhance the company’s wide-ranging portfolio of shorter-season 200 series, early season 300 series, midseason 400 series and fuller-season 500 series varieties.

The two new varieties exceeded criteria for commercial advancement after on-farm evaluations were completed by more than 75 PhytoGen Horizon Network (PHN) growers this year. The innovative group of producers from across the Cotton Belt recently met to assess PhytoGen brand precommercial varieties tested on their farms this year.

“We’ve been doing variety work for 15 years, and this was the strongest and most consistent trial we’ve ever seen,” said Southeast producer Mike Griffin, an inaugural member of the PhytoGen Horizon Network.

Based upon their evaluations and multiple years of trial data from PhytoGen cotton development specialists and breeders, PHY 400 W3FE and PHY 500 W3FE were the clear front-runners.

All PhytoGen W3FE varieties available in 2020 have PhytoGen Breeding Traits™ for built-in protection against diseases and pests.

“For every pocket of the Cotton Belt, we have W3FE varieties that fit — all with bacterial blight resistance and most with additional protection from root-knot nematodes and verticillium wilt,” said Joel Faircloth, PhytoGen U.S. Cotton Portfolio Manager.

New Midmaturity Addition to 400 Series

The newcomer PHY 400 W3FE is a midmaturing, medium height, semi-smooth leaf variety that fits and performs well on both irrigated and nonirrigated land. Griffin reports the new variety packed on the fruit and responded very well to plant growth regulators.

“PHY 400 W3FE was neck and neck all season long but pulled ahead as the front-runner on our farm late in the season. It was very easy to manage and will definitely be on our farm next year,” Griffin said.

As growers discovered this year, PHY 400 W3FE is very manageable and responds well to higher inputs and productive soils. It also has PhytoGen Breeding Traits for bacterial blight and root-knot-nematode (RKN) resistance.

The new variety has also performed very well in pending Official Variety Trials across the Cotton Belt in 2019. In preliminary data of the combined trials in Central and South Texas (three Monster and 16 RACE trials), for example, it outyielded competitors by 66 lb./A and $38/A, while winning highest lint value outright in 9 of 23 trials.

Along with the newly released PHY 400 W3FE, the PhytoGen brand midmaturing products — PhytoGen brand PHY 480 W3FE, PHY 430 W3FE and PHY 440 W3FE — all feature excellent protection from PhytoGen Breeding Traits. PhytoGen® brand PHY 480 W3FE, for example, is the top-performing RKN-resistant variety in the Upland market.

PHN Members Add New 500 Series

The mid- to full-maturing newcomer, PHY 500 W3FE, is one of the most consistent cotton varieties available. It has a broad area of adaptation, fitting across a wide range of soil types from the Mid-Atlantic to the Southeast and across West Texas. PhytoGen brand PHY 500 W3FE is a top-yielding, smooth-leaf variety with excellent fiber characteristics, including micronaire, strength and staple.

The newcomer joins the later-maturing PhytoGen brand PHY 580 W3FE that rounds out the 500 series for growers who want longer season varieties in 2020.

Austin Warbington, a PHN member from Vienna, Georgia, planted half of one farm to PHY 500 W3FE and half to the returning PhytoGen brand PHY 580 W3FE. He reports they are both very good full-season varieties.

“They both have the ability to push through a lot of stress,” Warbington said. “We planted seven or eight varieties across our farms in 2019, and PHY 500 W3FE and PHY 580 W3FE were two of our best.”

Warbington explains that most fields in his part of the country have root-knot nematodes so the RKN resistance in both varieties is a major benefit to him.

“We can plant these varieties on fields with root-knot nematodes, and it’s almost like planting a rotational crop because we eliminate up to 90% of the nematode population,” Warbington said.

PHN Members Impressed With 300 Series

The earlier-maturing 300 series varieties — PhytoGen brand PHY 300 W3FE, PHY 320 W3FE, PHY 330 W3FE, PHY 340 W3FE and PHY 350 W3FE — are all returning for growers to choose from in 2020.

“Our 300 series varieties were selected for consistent, high yield potential,” Faircloth said. “They’ve been great fits where the popular PHY 333 WRF and PHY 312 WRF have worked in the past, and the yield potential is stabilized by PhytoGen Breeding Traits, including bacterial blight resistance.”

Released just last year, the very broadly adapted PhytoGen® brand PHY 350 W3FE continues to excite PHN members and is in high demand across the Cotton Belt.

“PhytoGen 350 has proven to be a widely adapted, consistent performer in our area and is popular, along with PHY 320 W3FE,” Griffin said.

Leader in Pima and Acala Quality Cottonseed

PhytoGen is the market leader in cotton in the western United States and sells more Pima cotton varieties than any other American-based seed company. Growers can choose from PhytoGen brand PHY 841 RF, PHY 881 RF and PHY 888 RF, all with the PhytoGen Breeding Trait for Fusarium Race 4 tolerance.

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PhytoGen® brand PHY 400 W3FE (pictured here) and PHY 500 W3FE will be available in 2020. These two varieties add to a wide-ranging portfolio of shorter-season 200 series, early season 300 series, midseason 400 series and the fuller-season 500 series varieties.


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