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Sam Daley family

As a fourth-generation farmer, Sam Daley has seen his fair share of cotton harvests. But his 2022 harvest stands out above all the rest. Find out why.

As a fourth-generation farmer, Sam Daley has seen his fair share of cotton harvests. But his 2022 harvest stands out above all the rest. That was the year Daley broke 1,500 lbs./A – a personal record on his Pima acres.

What was Daley’s top yielding variety? PhytoGen® brand PHY 881 RF.

For the better part of a decade Daley has been planting the majority of his acres to PhytoGen® brand Pima varieties. He counts on the consistent high yields and exceptional fiber quality from his PhytoGen brand varieties to get premium return, which is essential to a grower in the Gila Valley of Arizona.

Situated between the Gila Mountains and Mount Graham, the Gila Valley where Daley farms is located an hour away from any major highway. The isolation makes growing other crops, such as vegetables, a challenge. With two gins nearby, cotton makes for a good fit on Daley’s 2,500-acre farm.

“We are two hours from Tucson and two and a half hours from Phoenix,” Daley said. “Because of the lack of market accessibility, the fuel cost it takes to get to those markets and the lack of infrastructure, it makes it difficult for us to grow other products. We have two gins in the Gila Valley. So, cotton works really well for us.”

Due to Daley’s limitations, he relies on the results he gets from PhytoGen brand Pima varieties to maximize value on his operation. Daley, who serves on the Board of Directors for Supima cotton, has planted 100 percent of his cotton acres to PhytoGen for the last five years. Because mills pay a premium for strong, finer Pima fibers, Daley continues to plant PhytoGen brand varieties for their long staple and optimum micronaire. But that’s not the only thing that keeps Daley coming back for more.

“PhytoGen is the premium when it comes to Pima varieties,” Daley said. “They have been doing it for so long. That’s the number one reason I believe them to be a leader in the Pima market. The second reason would be the reliability of the stand. I know I am going to get a good stand, and it will be resilient in the Arizona weather. Finally, the support I get from my local PhytoGen team makes all the difference.”  

The PhytoGen team is committed to ensuring success by placing the best fitting products on a grower’s individual acres and supporting their needs all season long. For Daley, that means planting high-performing varieties that will overcome production hurdles and deliver the results he expects from his PhytoGen brand Pima varieties.

“There are many things that impact our yield here in the Gila Valley,” Daley said. “Harsh weather, high elevation, and lack of reliable crop rotations – sometimes those things do impact our yield and fiber quality. But, even so, PhytoGen brand Pima varieties deliver high yield potential and fiber quality. We have been able to consistently aim for 2.5-bale/A yields and premium returns on our farm.”


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