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The PhytoGen agronomy team has collected the data to demonstrate PhytoGen superior early season vigor.

We hear it frequently from our customers: “PhytoGen cottonseed jumps out of the ground.” But it's more than just an anecdote. The PhytoGen agronomy team has collected the data to demonstrate PhytoGen superior early season vigor.

Remember these Important points, when choosing a cottonseed brand:

  • Don't waste your planting window. Plants thrive in optimum planting conditions. Replants miss critical time frames and might make the difference in a profitable crop. Sometimes you don’t get a second chance at planting, so you want to get it right the first time.
  • Build a strong foundation.Seedlings are more vulnerable in the first 40 days. Early season vigor means greater peace of mind, as healthier plants are more resilient against pests and seedling disease  
  • Maximize yield potential. Once seeds are planted, every day counts when it comes to yield. A healthy, vigorous plant better uses daily heat units and nutrients for maximum yield at harvest.

Save time and money. Replants cost time and money (seed, inputs and labor). Start strong to get the most out of your preplant weed control and fertilizer applications.

Dr. Bradley Hopkins, PhytoGen cotton development specialist in College Station, Texas, captured the powerful vigor of PhytoGen brand varieties in test plots across South Texas and the Gulf Coast — an area that’s known for tough early season conditions.

In the chart below, the blue bars show higher emergence rates for PhytoGen brand varieties over the competition in four Monster Variety Trials conducted by Texas A&M University in the 2021 season.

The images below show compelling, visual evidence of the vigor of PhytoGen cottonseed in the Monster Variety Trial at Corpus Christi.

Hopkins said PhytoGen cottonseed delivered outstanding emergence and early season vigor: Corpus Christi planting conditions were particularly difficult the prior season, and the best variety only had 63% emergence (which demonstrates the real-world situation growers face every year).

Why is early vigor so important? Because that strong start can lead to an even stronger finish. It’s just another reason PhytoGen led the Coastal Bend Monster Trials three years in a row.

Courtesy of your local PhytoGen cotton development specialist. Contact your local CDS to get more information on how to position early season vigor in your territory.

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